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One-Week Free Trial Period

LA Premier is happy to announce that we can once again offer a free trial period to those who just want to come and try out the program.  Owing to Covid measures, there are several things you will need to do to take advantage of this:

1.  Register with USA Water Polo (link to the right) and sign their COVID waiver.  We require that all our athletes who compete register at the "Gold" membership level; however, you are free to register at a lesser level and then change your membership in the event you decide to stay and compete.  Please bring a print-out showing that your child did register with USA Water Polo.

2.  Sign our Covid Waiver and bring to the first practice. (Waiver is attached to the right).

3.  Register for our COVID Screening Questionnaire by texting the Group Code: "408143" to the number: +1(202)946-6001.  You will receive a link in response.  Please click on this link and fill out the registration details.  Then, when you come to practice, text the word "Drop" to the same number -- +1(202)946-6001.